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"Bearer of the Passionate Love of God"

CH Portrait Eternal Flame - aka. Randy

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Greatest Strength - Everything He Does, He Does With His WHOLE HEART

AKC and CKCSC, USA Registered

Important Update - Added 11/18/06

We recently received some very sad news. Just after Randy returned from siring his second litter, Randy was diagnosed with a heart murmur near the end of September 2006 at age 4 1/2. Unfortunately, MVD (Mitral Valve Disease) is very common among Cavaliers and leads to a very early death for many of our beloved Cavaliers. For more info see www.cavalierhealth.org, www.premiercavalierinfosite.com, and www.ckcsc.org. Also note that since Randy's murmur was diagnosed before age 5, Randy will no longer be available for stud and none of Randy's kids should be used for breeding unless that kid reaches the age of 5 and is still heart clear.  - SEE HEALTH UPDATE BELOW (A Welcome Bit of Good News)


UpdatedA Welcome Bit of Good News!  - Added 12/15/07

In August 2007, I received some very welcome good news! Randy had his 1 year follow up with the canine cardiologist ... (read the rest at the link below)

Go directly to read my good news at A Welcome Bit of Good News!


Randy has earned his AKC Championship with sixteen points including two 5 point majors. He also has two first place wins (and 2 second and 3 third place wins) in just 5 weekends of CKCSC specialty shows earning him 4 points toward a CKCSC Championship. When Randy was only 4 months old he won a Group 2nd at a local AKC Puppy Fun Match.

Randy is the most passionate dog I have ever seen. He puts his whole heart into everything he does. He loves his mommy soooo much that he has earned the nickname "Romeo Randy". Randy also loves to "Romance" all females, be they canine or human, with his kisses. Randy's kisses can only be described as tender and very passionate. At times, he even gets downright obsessive about kissing!!! You should see the way he will just stare at me with his "I can't live without you, I'll love you forever!" look. Randy gets so excited to get my attention sometimes especially when I come home after even a short errand that he will try to climb up on my face and "smother" me. It is as if he is trying to get as close as he can to me and feels he just can't get close enough. At the same time he is "smothering" me, he will enthusiastically kiss me and give excited "rooohhh! rooohhh!" sounding cries, like he is trying to say "missed you!". I think Randy's passion is why is has done sooo well in the show ring so far. I think he LOVES to have me all to himself in the ring (no sharing with his brothers) and feels that he is showing the world how much we love each other. Consequently, he just shines and sparkles in the ring and everyone can see how much he enjoys it.

More pictures of Randy including his wins in the show ring can be found on Randy's website. You may visit it at Randy's Room. If you wish to go directly to the page of Randy's show pictures, it is at Randy's Show Pictures.

UpdatedRandy is a DADDY! 

Pictures of Randy's fur-children



Date of Birth: May 8, 2002



CH Sheeba Beech Boy (B)


CH Felicity Thunder Bay (T)


ROM/CKCSC & AKC CH Sheeba Special Edition (T)

ROM/Can. and AKC CH Rutherford Elliot of Shagbark
CH Sheeba's Show Special  De La Vigie
CH Felicity Happy Talk (T)


ROM/Can. and AKC CH Werrington Buoyancy Of Rattlebridge
Sylvancrest Summerlove
CH Sheeba Scarlet O'Hara (B)  

CH Telvara Mr. Sandman (B)

UK CH Telvara Kasanova
UK CH Telvara Suzanna
CH Sheeba Gypsy Rose (B)


Shagbark Marshall
Sheeba's Marry Poppins  De La Vigie

Celxo Red Alert (R)


Celxo Painted Brave (R)  

UK CH Fontelania Dancing Brave (R)

Homerbrent Comanche
Fontelania Burn't Sierra
Buckny Midnight of Celxo (B/T)


UK CH Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador
Chamanic Leonie
Celxo Pandoras Box (R)  

Flurbeck Easter Pagent of Celxo (B/T)

Rheinvelt War Dance
Rheinvelt Pop Star
Buckny Midnight of Celxo (B/T)


UK CH Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador
Chamanic Leonie

Championships are AKC unless otherwise noted.

Randy's Breeder and owner of both his Sire and Dam is High Hopes Cavaliers (formerly Portrait Cavaliers).